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Jithamithra Thathachari

At OperatorVC, Jitha helps investee startups solve the critical problems they face in their path to scale. He’s sector agnostic, and loves startups that are solving deep problems for their customers. And bonus points if you have a strong competitive moat [this is his favorite term in startup parlance].

Jitha also runs Rouse Digital, a Mumbai-based company building products to help brands in India generate customer loyalty.

Jitha has 7+ years of strategy consulting experience, with the Monitor Group and FSG (both firms, incidentally, started by Michael Porter). He’s worked with business leaders at several of India’s largest companies in Auto, FMCG and other industries, on new market entry, growth strategy, marketing, etc.

Jitha also actively writes on entrepreneurship & business and would love it if you subscribe here.

He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.