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Abhijeet Kumar

Graduate IIT Mumbai (2003 Batch)

Analyst with Deloitte for 1.5 years

Co-founder, Pronto Infotech (A technology company with about 50 employees and offices in Mumbai & Delhi)

Co-Founder, ah! Ventures

Armed with a B.Tech from IIT Mumbai, Abhijeet worked with Deloitte Consulting as an Associate Consultant before moving on to found his own company, Pronto Infotech, in the ITES space. Here, he faced and overcame the challenges that come with setting up an enterprise, and in the last 6 years, has created a successful venture with a multi-crore revenue stream. He has worked with numerous clients across industries and in various functional domains including Tax, Retail, HR, E-Commerce, Web, Supply Chain, Technology, Banking and others.

Having consulted in both business and technical capacities, and with the extensive experience working directly and indirectly for various functional domains, Abhijeet has the ability to evaluate ventures across the board and help entrepreneurs with intelligent cost planning through optimisation of systems, processes and networks, as well as creating and achieving targets. With his wide network of professionals from various verticals like operations, finance, accounting, and marketing, Abhijeet is not only able to help stem temporary gaps, but also generate business.