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Diversify your investment portfolio with insider access to highly vetted startups from within our app. Access powerful deal flow management tools on our secure platform.

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Why Invest with FundTonic

What Makes Us Different

Competitive Returns

FundTonic has built a first of its kind smart and predictive platform that matches you with the right startup that can maximize your ROI.

Promising Startups

Diversify your investment portfolio with insider access to highly vetted startups that match your investment thesis.

Intelligent Engine

Our intelligent Engine understands your needs and rates each startup on the basis of profitable exit potential.

For Startups

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FundTonic seeks to fund and support the highest promise startups in the world. Build your profile and showcase yourself to investors to gain funding.

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Why Fundraise with FundTonic

What Makes Us Different

300+ Active Investors

Showcase yourself and raise funds from over 300+ carefully selected investors who resonate with your vision.

Deal Closure

Our carefully selected investors alongwith our relevant matchmaking process ensures higher than average deal closures.

Access to Mentors

FundTonic has an active community of mentors and advisors who can provide you with guidance, support and expertise.

Startups can build an Investor Recommended Business & Financial Plan with impressive key metrics, in an day.

Investors can shortlist amongst a number of handpicked startups based on their Investment Thesis.

Portfolio monitoring tools & real time update on MIS reports help Investors track their portfolio companies.

"Before FundTonic, we had no idea how to create a B-Plan, leave alone finding investors. With their tools, we have been able to build a B-Plan that has impressed all the investors we've pitched to. We believed in our product, FundTonic helped us showcase it in the right way!"

Rudra Singh

Founder, Ricard FinTech

"Prior to FundTonic, I was eager to invest in startups, but very apprehensive of how things would work. I must say, with FundTonic, I am able to monitor all my portfolio companies in realtime and their advise has been invaluable.

Rakesh Parekh

Angel Investor

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Our Story

FundTonic is an investment advisory and eco system enabler that aims to make startup funding relevant for all stakeholders backed by deep focus on analytics. We endevour to deepen the start-up eco-system in Tier 1 cities and built infrastructure in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities by building partnershipis to achieve the larger objective of identifying and scaling disrupt ideas across the country.

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